Viral Video Marketing

Ne Pas Perdre Mon Temps
( don't waste my time)


How many times have you done the same with the first chapter of that book you got for Christmas? "Is this worth it? Will it get better?"  Without even knowing it, we often put it down never to return to it again.

We need Guaranteed Results and that means getting down to business, and doing that NOW! This could mean the difference between a few thousand views and a few million.  For example, how does one Cat video get 6,802,010 views while another, possibly just as "cute," get only 6 thousand views? What is the difference?

My cat Oscar: Taken by son Nathan Sedlak 2012One cat video, perfect color, beautiful background, music playing in the background, cuts and angles galore, has two lovely cats who will be chatting with one another, the will be is forever, and it goes nowhere in the first 45 seconds..  The video seems forced, and probably is.  Then the 6 million views is poorly lighted, shaky camera, but the cats are front and center, immediately making your day!  Do you know Cat videos are the MOST SEARCHED VIDEOS on the Internet? Go figure! Where's my cat when I need him?? OSCAR???

Some videos just take too long to deliver.  We want to watch cats interacting, so watching cats drinking from their water bowls before they get to the core of the video just isn't cutting it. Online, if you make people WAIT for the action, it's too late.  They are long on their way to another video. VAMOOSE!!

Have you ever seen a street corner performer? I have, at Disney World, and believe me, though they make it look easy, it is one of the most difficult tasks to perform. It's like a vaudeville show front and center. Your audience is just one step from walking away.  It's your job to KEEP THEM THERE!  You MUST get them to STOP!  Then you have to get them to STAY as you get others to STOP, all the while building a bigger crowd. Then once the crowd is built, you must keep them entertained until the end where you can finally pass the hat for your reward.  The task is daunting.


The world is busy doing other things, and you must draw them in and keep them there without wasting their time for even a few seconds.  So would you like to know more about my cat? (only kidding)

Before they're gone, show us what you've got. Don't waste customer's time for even a moment. Get down to business and don't overstay your welcome.  Deliver on your Title within seconds and your audience will not be disappointed.  Make sure every second is necessary. Show what you've got and wrap it up. We're living in the instant world, and Internet isn't an exception, but rather the rule.

Check your YouTube Analytics.  Once you lose your possible clientele, neither they nor their friends will return to see your stuff.  It's a dog eat dog world.  Don't let your puppy get lost in the morass. Cutting down to the bare minimum is tough. You don't want to start your unforgettable content after the audience has left.  It's too late then.  Think though your edits carefully.  Get 2nd opinions, and then more 2nd opinions.  Listen carefully to the critiques.

Oublier Ce
(forget this)

Here is a list of some of the "Unforgettables" of 2014

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Adorable panda plays in snow for the first time Aledo police officer says he was unfairly forced to resign
Please Don't Retire at 62.  Here's Why You Won't believe who Abraham Lincoln's relative is.
4th grade students allegedly plotted to kill teacher Chicago Weekend Giveaway Rules

While other lists are quite different, each one, here and there, is rather unforgettable. Videos that go viral show us something we have generally never seen before. Remember Susan Boyle? She isn't just another great singer.  We've never seen the likes of her before and we can certainly tell that by the audience's reactions as well.  It was odd and inspiring at the same time which is a perfect match for going viral.

Unforgettable content comes in all shapes and sizes.  Whether breathtaking, frightening, dramatic, tear jerker or complex as it can get, it must be unforgettable to go viral.  These videos can be serious as well as trivial. But they must be unforgettable. You can even be unforgettable by being lousy! Look at Friday--Rebecca Black, with its ridiculous lyrics.  It was so bad it received over 3 million dislikes in the first three months online, saying nothing of What Does the Fox Say? Sigh.

A.  BE REAL and a truth teller.  Remember Allen Funt, creator of Candid Camera  years ago who said "reading from a script can never have the power of real life." Keep that in mind. 

B. Make it real, but remember UNFORGETTABLE.

C. Don't Waste People's Time