"If I do this "Internet" stuff for my business I will have NO TIME left in my day!"

Reply of a small business owner needing more customers but seeing Internet marketing as "One more thing to do." He was wrong. Dead wrong. The primary cause of time consuming business activities is ... NOT ENOUGH CUSTOMERS!

Most activities in a business are undertaken to secure (or keep) good customers: Cold calling, advertising, marketing plans, answering phones, ad development, getting connected, overtime demands, seasonality, strategy and planning meetings, personnel training, lead development, sales calls... not to mention budgeting, forecasting, location and expansion plans...The list is endless.

These kinds of websites may get on a page in the search engines here and there, but the promises of "SEO", Internet promotions, more content provided (by the BIG prestigious company), and some future "front page" positions becomes lost in the months that go by with no results, no phones ringing, and the company owner believing the Internet is just another excuse for hype.Never Before in the History of Advertising Has It Been Possible to Spend 10 Bucks, Write a Couple of Ads, and Get Instant Access to Over 50 Million People in Less Than...60 minutes.

But with Internet marketing advertising - The Network Effect - you can do exactly that – right NOW. Yet many people learn that this is much harder than it sounds! That's where we come in. We will teach you ... OR... market FOR YOU... depending on your needs and budget.

For the kinds of advertising costs many small businesses are spending... YOU will find what we offer is VERY economical and can bring your business regular, predictable, and high volume traffic direct to your business.

It's entirely up to you. If you keep doing what does NOT EXCITE YOU because you have no confidence it will work ("maybe, maybe not" is what you are thinking), you will spend more money to get further and further behind ... AND SPEND MORE TIME DOING IT!


"That's the age old prescription for eventual business failure! More money spent ... more failed promises and hopes ... fewer customers gained ... therefore more time needed to work the business.

If none of these pressures are changed, the business has no certain future to depend upon.



We Call Those Big Prestigious Companies that charge tens of thousands of dollars for online marketing... predatory.

They know most business owners often trust them and know little about marketing their business on the Internet …but do count on others to know.

They know business people would rather spend money on expensive ad campaigns coupled with the "hope" of "Front page" search engine success than take the time to figure out why those campaigns never work.
They know that business people tell themselves “Business Building” is anything else but what it really is … and WHAT IT ALWAYS WILL BE … Getting customers to your business shop, website, or brick ‘n’ mortar presence…

The Newspaper Industry Consults Us... "We Told Them So”…
They Know We Know What Works on the Internet... So Do Our Clients

We are the company that told the newspaper industry they were losing market share and why (May, 2007). They didn’t change. Why? We suspect they simply didn’t want to admit the “Internet Direct Marketing Revolution” was now “in charge” (that is, they would lose revenues from traditional approaches).

They wouldn’t want to admit the implications of the Marketing Revolution that was upon them. That Marketing Revolution cuts advertising expenses drastically… while increasing client exposure. So, the Papers couldn’t compete by their old ways.

Many newspapers have been  “going under” financially, or just barely "making it". Note the fact they most often,  they will keep their ONLINE PRESENCE … ongoing! That won’t help them because they continue to use traditional approaches that got them (and their clientele) bankrupted (or nearly so) in the OFFLINE WORLD of marketing.

Don't forget to read the newpaper story here The story is True. We know. We were the Ones Who Taught
The story is true. Within a very short time, Tim's company, perhaps 12 employees at the time, was up on Google Front page in over 500 front page positions. Tim didn't have to do much with his ads during the weeks-turned-years of Internet advertising. He used only a few of the marketing approaches we taught him and his company. They made a lot of money online and became nationally competitive against some of the biggest companies "out there."

This Program Introduces You to a Radical Prescription for Change.
If you get the message and apply it, you’ll smack yourself for not seeing it sooner. You will be awed by how powerfully effective it really is. After you learn this, you will never read another sales letter, ad, brochure, or flier the same way again. You won't have to. You won't need them again!

You will be ruined toward traditional advertising! Best of all you will make revolutionary changes in your marketing approach to building your business… and kick yourself that you hadn’t done this before. You’ll stop kicking yourself since you’ll be too absorbed in pursuing the phenomenal changes which can …

  Cut your time commitments in the business operations that now consume you…
Cut your advertising expenses beyond your expectations… while “Building your Business” the only way that phrase makes sense – customers!
  Cut your “worry” and fretting at night, and begin dominating YOUR market.

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