February 20th, 2019


Do it wrong quickly. On this information website Learn the MAIN reason so many business Websties are NOT visited by Customers. Perhaps as many as 90% of all business web pages FAIL to gain customers.

There are steps in the online world allowing you to easily, inexpensively and effectively find out WHAT WILL RESONATE WITH YOUR MARKET... and what does not. We show our clients HOW that is done. In "doing it wrong quickly" we show our clients QUICKLY at each step how to test WHAT THEIR MARKET - and the SEARCH ENGINES - WANT TO SEE.

Instead of TELLING a clients what they should "like" on your website, it is best to find out FROM THEM what THEY WANT to see!  When we train owners to "Do it wrong quickly" on the Internet, they quickly pick up how to know when something they thought would resonate with their clientele ... DID NOT WORK. So they learned from us to change it QUICKLY

Instead of business websites that consistently FAIL to draw customers, owners learned from us HOW inexpensively test and quickly make changes to get customer attention to their site. The Internet makes it easy to reach pools of customers!

EVERY page must contribute toward getting three distinct, intermediate goals accomplished for your site to achieve profitable results. Without understanding these goals before you develop your website, NO website can get customers.

NOTE Three Intermediate "Goals" for ANY Website that MUST be Met:

Perhaps as many as 90% of all websites FAIL to accomplish the intermediate goals needed to bring customers. This is the primary reason web pages fail to bring customers EVEN IF the pages are said to be "SEO" - Search Engine Optimized. Most business owners simply trust "SEO" developers and webmasters to do what they claim, but the truth is too many such developers do not do the "SEO" to effectively accomplish its stated goal: BRING CUSTOMERS.

Here is what MUST HAPPEN for any Internet marketing effort to work:

1) The page must function to attract the attention of the search engines.

 2) The page must impress the customers whom  the search engines bring to your website pages ("landing pages").

 3) Pages must have a TESTED and distinct "Call to Action" that successfully  moves the customer to act as you desire him or her to act.

Learn how each ande every web page can be quickly and Inexpensively Transformed from being here pages into what may be called a 24x7 sales person


What is the purpose of a web page? This seems like a simple question. But the majority of websites - some estimates range as high as 90% of all websites on the Internet - really are vague about the answer to that question!

A "Landing page" is just that…a page developed for people on the web to "land on". It is a place where you send (or attract) Internet traffic. We show you ways to do that cost effectively. But will that page "perform" once they are there? Is it designed to persuade them to do something you want them to respond to?

Websites and their landing pages have filled the Net like a dense jungle. Finding YOUR website among the billions of web pages out there, can be daunting. That is the REAL reason Internet marketing is exists.

If you learn HOW to put in place a finely tuned online marketing system that delivers predictable numbers of

quality contacts ("leads") every day throughout the year ...
then, you or your sales team will spend the bulk of your energy and time with customers who have already come to you1 to help them solve their problems.

1 Note: In Direct Response online marketing, the potential client COMES TO YOU, wanting your input, information and expertise. You become the "guru" they climb the mountain to see. You are NOT "calling" them, interrupting their day ("interruption marketing") to take your call thereby running the risk of being viewed as more of a pest than a service (All of which explains the existence of gate keepers!)



Read This Online Success Story of a Local Manufacturer

Local Business Competes Online for Market Share in MANY of the Toughest Markets in the World… Now Successfully!

We compete with some of the most powerful companies in the world. Our customers are found in manufacturing companies of all sizes and industries – ranging from medical fields (including orthodontics, orthopedics, catheters, and surgical instruments) to automotive parts and engines, motorcycles, snowmobiles, pattern and mold makers, the plastics industry, recreational and consumer products industries.

Despite the wide range of competitive markets, we can compete across the board in all of these industries, and have successfully done so since our staff was trained by Wayne Sedlak. We are consistently found on front page Google and have stayed there month after month.  In fact, we haven’t had to touch our latest group of ads there for over 5 months – we just keep getting a steady stream of customers all the time. It’s great to be able to control our costs, put the marketing on autopilot and do what we do best… service our clients!

We really do recommend Wayne’s training for business growth, competitive positioning of online products and services.  We are constantly increasing market share through our Internet marketing program.

Tim Winters, Partner, T. J. Grinding
Waukesha, Wisconsin

True StoryFollowing years of dialing for dollars, making sales calls to people who didn’t know me, and slogging my way through "gatekeepers" and that "uninvited-you're-intruding-on-my-time" response from customers – all the things we loathe in "marketing", I made a radical discovery: I could trigger the kinds of customer responses I needed…
  •     without “cold calling”
  •     without interrupting their day
  •     without placing an  unwanted call or contact
  •     without the temptation of having to misrepresent what I was offering
  •     without feeling like the peddler of cheap wares
  •     and without feeling like I needed a shower after every day’s marketing effort on the phone
I learned that customers can be motivated to beat a path to my door. You can be the welcome guest instead of an uninvited pest. You don't call them. They contact you...


We can DO the online marketing FOR you...or...we can train you, or someone you choose, right in the comfort of your home or office.  Two options.  Chose the one that fits your business goals.

 You DO NOT need previous Computer or Internet experience.
You DO NOT need a website or business of your own.
You DO NOT need a product or service of your own


You DO NEED a phone, computer, & Internet access for the training.

Urgent you Register now. Call us to register Toll Free: 1866.735.5871. (Leave us your number and best time to call you.)


We helped to grow a company from a quasi-startup and no name recognition online to thousands of page views of positioned recognition across the Internet. In the last four years alone, our company has helped clients find pools of eager customers online, people who really were looking for what they had to offer – but didn’t know they even existed!


He is Getting Ahead for the First Time in His Life…

This program was Godsend! My regular job has been more and more tenuous as the weeks go by. If this recession continues to grow, it is just a matter of time before I’m without an income from that source. So… I registered with Wayne’s training program (done through teleseminars right to my home office!).

The fact that I could quickly enter my niche again and watch as my business began to position itself online, is not just fascinating… it’s a real lifeboat for what could have been a drowning man. With my new website and newsletter growing, I now have the comfort of knowing I’m out ahead of the recession with my business getting positioned online now – the perfect “fall back position” for any Christian.

Craig Roiske
Antique Stove Expert,
Business Owner


Newsletter: The Antique Stove Exchange

our founder...Early pioneer when there were NO Internet Marketing Schools in Existence  How did it happen? Still going strong teaching businesses and marketing for others successfully.

Early in the rise of the Internet, there were no "schools" teaching Internet marketing. So, our company's owner went on a mission to learn from the few brilliant minds in the world of Internet marketing who had begun to excel in this newfound science. The proprietary system we’ve developed over the several years delivers powerful results for almost any kind of business model.

It is especially potent for the business owner who doesn’t have a huge budget to throw at the Internet. He or she must get results quickly. Mistakes must be quickly converted to real time solutions.

  We now produce training for all sorts of businesses and organizations:
  •     local business
  •     churches
  •     home businesses ("Makers")
  •     entrepreneurs
  •     authors
  •     inventors
  •     professionals (medical, dental, veterinary, alternative approach health centers)
  •     manufacturers
  •     retail stores
  •     new product introduction
  •     automotive industry
  •     and a host of others.

40 in 3 days...200 in ten days...over 1000 in just one month.  Read about it...Warning: You probably won't believe it.

Local Business Competes Online for Market Share in MANY of the Toughest Markets in the World… Successfully!

We compete in the Milwaukee Wisconsin metroplex with some of the most powerful companies in our industry. We are a state of the art self-storage facility utilized by business owners, retailers, residential consumers and sales professionals.

Our first experience with website and Internet marketing was, to say the least, a real disappointment. On a recommendation from a business friend, a woman known internationally in the retail woman’s clothing industry, we turned to the Internet marketing expertise (and training) of Wayne Sedlak.

Frankly, in the world of “Internet marketing” it is easy to be skeptical. Our experience prior to speaking with Wayne was a disappointing year and a half of “hoping” to be found on front page GoogleTM for our industry (which is where potential customers could find us online). But we had the same experience so many businesses have found: we had a website … and NO customers and no real Internet “presence” on GoogleTM.

We turned to Wayne’s services and training. He assured us up front that it was certainly possible to be on front page Google in as many as 40 places within just a few days of going live in our first online campaign. We achieved that in the FIRST THREE DAYS of our new site campaign ! We were shocked (we have the documentation incidentally for what I’m saying). Furthermore Wayne had assured us that it was possible to be on as many as 200 front page GoogleTM niche market pages within the first month. We achieved that goal in less than 10 days with what Wayne did for us on our new website.

Since that time we have been found on front page GoogleTM niche market positions in well over - note this - 1000 places, in just the first two months! Conventional “Internet Marketing” wisdom confines itself to what is called SEO and says that what we accomplished here simply can’t be done. We did it through Wayne’s powerful program which takes advantage of all that GoogleTM approves with respect to Internet marketing.

We can’t sufficiently express just how highly we recommend Wayne’s Internet marketing AND Internet staff training for business growth and competitive positioning of online products and services. We never dreamed that we would get these kinds of results… And so quickly!

Information Systems Manager
The world is watching her…

Positioning Your Message vs. Media Hype

As a Retail Marketing Professional (20 years) to many of the world’s largest corporations, I have repeatedly been surprised by one shocking fact: There seems to be a genuine paralysis in the corporate world to leverage the Internet. I have witnessed too often the artless failure to understand what constitutes “real world Internet marketing!” 

Many corporations - businesses large, small and everything in between - simply do not “get it.”  Too often I see expensive web sites positioned on the web for years (Note: years of lost opportunity) producing nothing but exasperation and frustration at the failure to generate a real flow of customer traffic -- affordably. I hear corporate personnel using the right “terms” – SEO, PPC, Keywording, social media marketing - but they remain confused that their customers can’t find their web presence unless they buy it!

I sat in on top level marketing meetings in corporations, and have heard top management ask why they aren’t on the front page of Google despite their large budget. Then they send their marketing teams back to fruitlessly work with their expensive webmasters to try to improve their SEO without a game plan – spending thousands of additional dollars on paid search in the process.  Imagine if they understood then what I now understand!

After going through the Leveraging Influence Internet training (and all conveniently by phone from my office with my computer in front of me), I now understand that best practice “digital marketing” is NOT simply about putting up a web site,  blog or social media presence. It is about acquiring a set of digital marketing skills with insights that can actually create customers, save you time, and increase sales significantly.
Wayne, your knowledge of economics and digital marketing is fantastic. Online direct response marketing is understood by relatively few in the business world. This Leveraging Influence training encompasses literally hundreds of techniques, tactics and skills of online marketing which so many businesses of all kinds, markets and sizes desperately need if they are going to compete in this economic environment…AND… you teach people so thoroughly and so well that almost anyone who wants to… can “get it”. 

Anyone needing to extend their influence online, gain customers, or reach people with their message should take this program…now. It is eye-opening.

Peggy Munnagle
Partner and Marketing Consultant at The ROIG Group, a boutique Retail Consultancy


Robert was skeptical so he told his friend who tried it on his business just on his suggestion...ONE LESSON...That was all...It brought his friend's business customers!  Robert decided he better try us himself...See what happened below.

For 10 months now I've had a  website up and running. But, I got  next to no clients from it. Hardly a sustainable business model. Now I know why.
But before I trained with you, I was, frankly, "skeptical". It's one thing to know what I was doing wasn't working. But, that didn't mean anyone else did either, including you. Like I said, I was skeptical.
But, from our conversation on the phone that day, you gave a story of what was possible with just one principle in "article marketing". I went and told a friend of mine. He tried it with his website. He got immediate traffic!  And he was using just a hint of what I NOW know from the training to be one "drop" in an ocean of Internet marketing experience and knowledge.
Thank you again… Oh, and thank you for the ongoing access to ALL the core lessons plus the hundreds of topics on just about everything "Internet Marketing" – including the different ways about how to write effectively for the Net, which is absolutely essential.
Like you've indicated in your training, there are no shortcuts to effectively market on the net.  It requires excellent content, researching your niche market properly, honesty, keywording research, and properly utilizing Adwords marketing, only to mention just a few excellent topics you presented.
Again, thank you for sharing your knowledge.
Robert Clark
Ashland, Ohio

You heard us...Free. Learn what works and what doesn't. EVERY and Why FREE
Without any financial commitment on your part, why not access our expertise free of charge? Find out more about what we can do for you in our Direct Response - Results Based (customer results based!) online marketing program. This program is designed for BOTH Business to business (B2B) and Business to consumer (B2C) marketing needs.The lesson that begins the process is entirely free. This lesson alone can help your website presence get customer traffic to the site. If this lesson is NOT useful to you... you lose nothing.


* Estimates vary but the percentages are very high!l