February 20th, 2019


Ask yourself this very important question!  With the POWERFUL advantages of the Internet at your fingertips, WHY is YOUR business still using the old “cold calling strategies?”  The DISADVANTAGES with cold calling are so severe that they can actually be responsible for the LOSS of a business to its competition!
  1. Huge time commitments before a sale... What if your competitors have found ways (ONLINE!) to grab the attention of your market. The old adage "He who is FIRST in his own cause always seems right" applies here. If they are seen first... they are in position to first grab that market away from seeing you!

  2. In the offline world of traditional TV and radio commercials, advertising engages people by interrupting their day. Interruption marketing becomes a numbers game where most business people do not want to be interrupted by you .... and a hundred callers like you (That's the reason for "gatekeepers").  What if your competitors aren't having to play that numbers game? What if the numbers game they play is scientific, regular, predictable, and successful in gaining targeted customers while you are still dialing?

  3. The gatekeeper is a problem with cold calling. Why go through all that? Wouldn't it be better if your customers CAME TO YOU? They welcome contact with you because THEY MADE THE FIRST CALL!

  4. Why fuss with 100:1 Ratio of "cold calls to sales"? How about an approach that produces a predictable flow of traffic ... regular, predictable and controllable? Sounds sort of like the "Too good to be true" promises doesn't it?
Imagine if I could grant you the POWER you could use over and over again, as often as you like! 
What would you ask for?
  • Talent and skill to write best-selling books?
  • Capacity to enthrall audiences with mesmerizing speeches?
  • Charisma to attract high-influence partners or big brands?
  • Skill and insight to develop an enticing, fabulously developed product line?
Hard to go wrong with that list. However, if you’re in the business of marketing you’re more than likely interested in absolute flexibility, super freedom and excellent automation and if that is the case, READ ON!

Best part about it is…. This insight, skill, is attainable. I can teach this to you in a few short weeks... right from the comfort of your home or office. You never travel. Once you’ve done it, it’s wired into your memory ... forever.  You then use it for driving leads, finding customers, making sales to grow your business.

Tell me if the following sound familiar to you?
  • I can’t seem to get ‘over the hump’ getting my product into the market
  • I’m running out of friends, contacts, relatives to sell to!
  • I'm discouraged that my product line is'nt grabbing customers... but my competitors are growing!
  • I 'm always on edge knowing that "I don't know where my customers will come from a month or two from now!
  • Traditional marketing is too expensive!
  • The "Internet marketing" I paid for got me an attractive site, but NOT any customers!
Obviously, this list holds a lot of huge problem for LOTS of people. 90% of marketers are in the same boat as you, especially with all the economic ups and downs. Just know this for certain:  there has never been a time when people were more confused and never been a better time to get unconfused.

An Online Sales Machine is a system I’ll teach you which turns cold traffic into friends who are ready to buy.  Giving you a system like this, you’ll soon see, trumps all other marketing "magic powers".

Getting your Simple Sales Machine so that it is running all the time and getting you a regular flow of customers ... Lets you do what you do best ... Service your customers!

With the system you will learn, you’ll move ahead of the old lead generation gimmicks of the past, all the while boosting your sales rates as you create a viral quality, less complicated and less expensive process for finding leads that CONVERT!
Admit it… You already know these things!
  • Getting quality traffic to your website is mostly unproductive for FINDING LEADS that CONVERT!
  • You’re finding it tougher and tougher to acquire an email address with which to build your list.
  • It’s taking you longer and longer to convert leads to sales.
  • You’re tired of wasting money purchasing leads, working with tire kickers and not getting enough high-quality, high-paying clients!
  • Increase your Leads-to-Conversion rates by delivering more than just information to the market. Traditional ads just send out information to the general masses. But now, when a prospect comes to your site asking “Is this right for me?” you can help them answer that question. Rather than saying “here’s a free report, go do some more work to figure out if this is right for you”, you can say, “here’s an answer to the very question you’re asking in your head right now”.

  • Increase your Leads-to-Conversion rates by delivering customized insights. Now, when a prospect comes to your site, you can deliver personalized insights. Your prospect thinks, “This is not one-size-fits-all, this is about ME.” And, oh, how we love the sound of our own name!

  • Speedup your time to sale by segmenting your prospects into high/medium/low quality prospects. Begin delivering customized messages based on specific prospect characteristics that they have given to you in the first step!

  • Speed time to sale by increasing the likelihood that your follow-up sales messages, free reports, white papers and webinars get read and watched…because prospects know this is customized to them.

  • Lower your cost-per-sale by weeding out the time wasters and tire kickers that gum up the works of your sales machine.