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How to Mint Money with the Printed Word

Below is a letter that documents a phenomenal competitive breakthrough on the Internet. Customers gained, money made, time saved, and marketing budgets cut ... all are possible. All can be achieved.

If you really want to get to the meaty stuff fast, DO NOT SKIP THIS! This is a true story...  Two years ago a Wisconsin company (herein called "WC") was approached by a very BIG - and PRESTIGIOUS - corporation about "Internet marketing."

For a phenomenal sum of money (5 figures) plus about $1100/month, this Big, prestigious company provided a very attractive website (about 15 pages total) and promises of "online promotional marketing", "SEO", and "submission to the search engines."

Results gained?   0%.  Last summer, "WC" learned that a competitor was using the Internet to gain a disproportionate share of their market.  That taught "WC"  the Internet IS not simply another communication medium. It  REALLY is, perhaps, the most powerful marketing leverage in history... for those who know HOW to harness that networking leverage. "WC" learned that pretty websites, promises of "SEO" and "search engine listings" don't get the online advantages.

"WC" got serious about the Internet and just 4 months ago (as of this writing), contracted to have what we call "The Network Effect" (our name) applied to a new website. Within one month, their website was found on over 1600 "front page" positions on the world's most powerful search engine (Guess which one!).

Results gained?  87% of  the customers in their target market who FOUND the website, PURCHASED their service! it's NOT just about people coming to Net and finding YOU... it's about your customers RESPONDING to your offer as well!

The Network Effect applied: Do you remember back in the first few years of this new millennium when "Yahoo Auctions" was competing with rival eBay for online sales and dominance? Selling on Yahoo Auctions did not bring the prices a seller could get on eBay. A sale for $17 on Yahoo Auctions, got over $20- on eBay. eBay had more buyers at its site. It's that fundamental rule of sales... Here it is...

"The Network Effect"
Key to Lead Generation!
"Sellers want to go where the buyers are. Buyers want to go where the sellers are."

Lead generation is now a much more cost effective science. That science is dependent upon the "Network Effect". The Network Effect says that the value of a Network is equal to the number of users squared.

So if Yahoo Auctions had 1 million users, and eBay 2 million, eBay wasn't twice as powerful. It was 4x as powerful!

Nothing Yahoo Auctions could do could overcome eBay's 4x power advantage! Today there's not even a #2 competitor online to eBay.
Yahoo Auctions was eclipsed by the success of its rival. If you do not get the Network Effect working for you online... your business could go the same way!  The effect of the online Network Effect gives powerful leverage for those businesses who KNOW HOW to HARNESS IT. Read below and see HOW it was done for one company.

The "Network Effect" is TWICE the Big Deal on the Internet as in the Brick-and-Mortar World!

The answer is simple. The Internet is "frictionless"... The "Alpha Dog" - the most dominant player in your market - is always just one click away.
If someone tried to enter the market today to compete with eBay, eBay is always just one click away. Today there isn't even a close #2 to eBay. ONCE the Network Effect is gained by a competitor... that competitor will enjoy unequaled access to the customers others crave.

Likewise, IF a player in the market - YOUR COMPETITOR - gets out ahead like eBay did over a decade ago... that market player will dominate your market for that market and region.  Google followed eBay on the Internet in the domination of search engine markets.

The Newspaper Industry - Missing a Piece. They Consult with Us.

We are the company the Giant Newspaper Industry consulted with back in 2007 (May). There experts, we learned, were following our work and could not figure HOW small companies we worked with, could "out compete" million... even billion ... dollar industries online.

They consulted with us to find out HOW we did what we do... and STILL DO today, despite all the changes in technology. Find out what companies do with us below.   

"Words are words. Promises are promises. But performance is reality."

Embed the Keys of the Network Effect into Your Business Vision... Starting Here.

Below - A Real Life Letter of a Company that Made it on the Internet

Has This Happened to Your Business Online
 Actual Comments from Letter 
What This Company Faced
Actual Comments from the Letter about Results!
State of the Art Company in its Field... Buys into an expensive "Website" and "Internet Marketing" Package "We compete in the Milwaukee Wisconsin metroplex with some of the most powerful companies in our industry..." "Our experience ... was a disappointing year and a half of “hoping” to be found on front page GoogleTM for our industry (which is where customers could find us online)."
No customers after two years. Skepticism Sets In.

Company Tired of Expensive Websites and Promises of "Traffic" and "Front Page GoogleTM" (which never happened)

"Frankly, in the world of “Internet marketing” it is easy to be skeptical.

But we had the same experience so many businesses have found: we had a website … and NO customers and no real Internet “presence” on GoogleTM."

Internet Marketing is NOT about getting websites and pretty graphics!. "Internet Marketing" was developed to bypass historic marketing approaches.

"We found that Internet marketing is not about websites: it’s about getting customers to your business. And that’s the bottom line for any business.

What Wayne does – and teaches businesses to do – is all about generating customers for business… not expensive websites, per se." (Emphasis added)

"We turned to Wayne’s services and training. He assured us up front that it was certainly possible to be on front page GoogleTM in as many as 40 places within just a few days of going live in our first online campaign.

We achieved that in the FIRST THREE DAYS of our new site campaign ! We were shocked (we have the documentation incidentally for what I’m saying).

...Wayne had assured us that it was possible to be on as many as 200 front page GoogleTM niche market pages within the first month. We achieved that goal in less than 10 days with what Wayne did for us on our new website."

Company Utilizes Network Effect - Finds Itself on Over 1000 "Front Page GoogleTM" niche markets in just the first 2 months!
" Since that time we have been found on front page GoogleTM niche market positions in well over - note this - 1000 places, in just the first two months!  "

"Conventional “Internet Marketing” wisdom confines itself to what is called SEO and says that what we accomplished here simply can’t be done.
We did it through [this] powerful program which takes advantage of all that GoogleTM approves with respect to Internet marketing."
Newfound local dominance to expansion into new markets and branding nationally.

"We are a local presence in the Milwaukee Metroplex but we are finding ourselves more and more to be a national presence all across the country in front page Google positions."

"Our capacity to expand our reach into an ever broader consumer base with both our moving company and our self-storage industry is now possible as we never could have anticipated."
"We are getting front page positioning on a massive scale, customers from both our new website (which is only two months old!) as well as our mobile online presence."

Website presence and increasing dominance in their field. "We can’t sufficiently express just how highly we recommend Wayne’s Internet marketing AND Internet staff training for business growth and competitive positioning of online products and services."
"We never dreamed that we would get these kinds of results… And so quickly!"
They got the Internet marketing AND...they also went ahead for future savings by getting their staff TRAINED " In addition to all of the Internet marketing Wayne has done for us, he is also responsible for training our staff."
"Now, we can take over and keep building into the years ahead with the same approach which he created for us."

If your website is producing a REGULAR, STRONG and PREDICTABLE FLOW OF CUSTOMERS to your business right now... then you don't need to keep reading. You already know it works. Some businesses do break through the noise and generate leads consistently from their websites while over 90% have NO regular, predictable flow of customers to their website.

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