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January 2018


Samaritan Health Sharing

Are you tired of hearing about National Health Care "ObamaCare"? Would you prefer to join a group of Christians who pledge to live lives in accordance with Scripture and promise to pray for one another and uphold one another with financial gifts as well? If that is your heart's desire, you've come to the right place.

Sharing your resources with other Christians is a far cry from paying premiums to insurance companies who have made health care so unaffordable, and who contribute to organizations you have no control over. With Samaritan Health Sharing, you get the name and address of the person in need, and are encouraged to write a short note of encouragement as you send your check to fulfill their need. Adding these people to your prayer list is another added benefit for all involved.

Receive a $25 REWARD for signing up from this website. Let them know Wayne and Lori Sedlak sent you and you'll get your $25 Four months after your signup!

 You can Call us 1-262-675-0669

America has access to the best health care system in the world, but political controls have and continue to increase premiums and many cannot afford health insurance. Samaritan ministries is affordable and Christian based.  Samaritan Ministries exists to lift the burdens of their members health care needs. There are NO high deductibles like you find in the Insurance Market.

Watch this Short Video and give us a call.
Samaritan Ministries had been active in helping people share their health care needs since 1994.


Our home phone is a toll free number.1-262-675-0669 Leave a message or ask for Lori.  The Lord Does Provide. The Christian Community is caring and sharing and it is a  joyful experience to encourage one another in the Lord.

Remember, you receive, directly from us, a $25 REWARD for joining through our family.  Four months after you join we will send you your Reward! Count on it!

When we receive our check from Samaritan as our referral fee, ( Four months after you become a member) you'll receive your 25 dollar reward from us! You won't find that offer elsewhere. This is exclusive from us. (Four months after you become a member) you will receive your 25 dollar reward from us! You won't find that offer elsewhere. This is exclusive from us.

Samaritan Ministries is the largest of three major Health Care Sharing Ministries (HCSMs). Samaritan Ministry’s members have been sharing medical expenses for nearly 2 decades, and the amount shared between the members each month is almost $9 million. Shares ($405 for a family, as of July 2014) are sent from one member to another and never come to the ministry’s office. As of June 2014, Samaritan Ministries surpassed 36,000 households active in this unique ministry. The number of staff at the office has been increased to serve the growing number of members. In 2014, Samaritan Ministries reported a growth rate of around 33 percent.

We recommend individuals do their due diligence and educate themselves about the different health sharing plans available. Here are some helpful facts about Samaritan Ministries to help you out!

This ministry is an answer to our, as well as over 36,000 households ( More than 120,000 people) who have elected to use this type of healthcare sharing ministry. That's a growth of 33%!


Samaritan members are responsible for the first $300 of each medical need they submit for publication. Smaller medical bills are handled by individual families.  Dental and Vision are not included, and there are restrictions as far as prior conditions are concerned.

Fees (not premiums) are paid monthly. This monthly fee pays the health care costs of other families in the program. Each time a need arises, the monies come from other families in the ministry.  Members are encouraged to give an extra small amount to needs not publishable.  This is not mandatory, but it does help keep costs low when medical costs continue to rise.

For the first time in two years member fees have gone up.  A Single person’s fees are $180. Single family household fees are $250, a couple $360, a family is $405. Shares are sent directly from one member to another and a note of encouragement is sent with the share. There is no “fund” involved but rather direct member to member sharing. Members are responsible for the first $300 of a need. When comparing apples to apples, there are no huge deductibles found with Insurance Companies. Needs that do not meet ministry guidelines may be eligible for publication as Special Prayer Needs  where members may give in addition to their regular monthly share as a free will offering.  Unpublishable needs are dental, vision or result from conditions acquired previous to membership. This does not come as a surprise to members who are made aware of the guidelines before they decide to become part of Samaritan Ministries.

Let’s say for instance you need critical care.  You arrive at the doctor and present yourself as “uninsured.”  Generally the hospital/doctor discounts the bill, one reason being they are not burdened with endless insurance submissions. In the self-pay situation, the bill or bills are sent directly to the patient and not to the office, because Samaritan Ministries is not an insurance company.  This is important to remember. When a member has a health care need, he receives health care treatment from a provider of his choice, (what a blessing) collects the bills, makes copies of those bills and sends the original to Samaritan Ministries.

Members are responsible to call Samaritan to express their need, and a form is mailed to them on which they keep track of expenses for the need. If the health problem involves tobacco, alcohol, or a sexually transmitted disease, the bill is not likely to be shared. If the health share company accepts the bill and agrees to pay for the services, the patient is required to pay the $300 “deductible,” then, the remainder of the bill is published for specific members to contribute. If however, the bill has been discounted by at least $300, that amount goes toward what the member was to pay, alleviating them of that $300 burden. So negotiating with the provider is always a plus, and Samaritan has a sister ministry which can often assist with the negotiating process.

Samaritan Ministries is responsible in the verification process, making certain the need meets the guidelines. Then, in their monthly newsletter mailing, (snail mail or email) Samaritan Ministries directs some particular members to send their share to the member in need. The member with the need receives the shares from his fellow members to pay his health care bills, and at the same time, receives a need for which he/she is responsible.

Call our Toll Free Home Phone: 1-262-675-0669 Leave a message... or ask for Lori... or fill in the form below and we'll get back to you soon!

Or CLICK HERE to download your Samaritan Application Packet

Members are contacted on a yearly basis in which they sign off on their initial application upon joining, reaffirming their understanding of the guidelines. Many members choose to join Samaritan Ministries because they prefer not to encourage what they deem to be morally offensive medical procedures and problems.  Samaritan does not assign shares for abortions, abortifacients such as the morning-after pill, sexually transmitted diseases, or sex changes. As stated above, when a member has a need there is direct sharing of medical needs, member to member, and no extra dollars are required unless the member sends money to a member who has a Special Prayer Need. The publishing turnaround time is normally 30-60 days from receipt of the bills and required information.

So while traditional insurance is available, they are for profit entities, and with that in mind, are not always "patient friendly."
Samaritan Ministries believes Jesus Christ is the Ultimate Provider for all life’s needs. Individuals and families have the primary responsibility for their own health and decisions related to seeking health care. Government is not involved in their health care choices.

Directly from their website:
  • Jesus Christ is the only adequate Provider for every need we have. He is the One Who created everything, and He is the only One Who has enough resources to meet every need. No human organization is large enough to do this—no company and no government. He gives some of His provision through human channels, but He is ultimately the only One we can trust.
  • A medical need (or any other need) involves more than money. The physical world is not all there is. Human beings are more than a collection of cells. We are made in the image of God and have needs that go beyond our physical bodies. When we have a medical need, there is more involved than money or mere physical healing. Samaritan members pray for one another for all aspects of members’ needs, and we hear daily from members with needs telling how God has answered these prayers.
  • Believers in Jesus Christ are responsible to first use the resources He has given us to meet the needs of ourselves and our families. When a need occurs that exceeds what He has provided, other members of the Body of Christ should show His love by using the resources God has given them to help in the same way they would want to be helped.
  • The local church should be the next “line of defense” to provide for the needs of its own members. SMI is intended to support and supplement this work of the local body, not replace it. We seek to avoid undermining what should be done locally. We also depend on the leaders of the local church to provide accountability for the SMI members under their care.



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