Adding Value in this Declining Economy is Key to
A Continuing Business Prosperity

Here’s HOW we do it...

The Internet can be the answer for finding and keeping new customers…

To keep business flowing during recession, marketing effectively becomes more important than in a buoyant economy. Businesses must continue to get the message out to consumers as they become more cautious in their spending and fewer in numbers.

What Makes Us Stand Out Among “Online Marketers”?

YOUR Website is “Trained” page by page, developed to become YOUR 24/ 7 / 365 “Sales Rep”…

  • “Training” is designed to teach you to find your markets (Hint: Every keyword in your business is a “market” of potentially very targeted customers.) There are usually in excess of 30,000 markets in a business field... many underserved.
  • The majority of businesses reach LESS than 2% of their potential online customer base (People looking specifically for what they have to offer!)
  • Fewer than 1% of all websites use this approach. Few of your competitors even know this exists… for now.
  • Your Website pages are “Trained” for your specific call to action for customers to call you, purchase from you, or make contact with you.
  • Your website is designed to draw customer traffic through 20 different online marketing methods.
  • You can test markets BEFORE you invest in them with new ideas or products.
  • You find out WHAT people in your markets REALLY are asking for… and you THEN offer them what they want in the prices they expect.


We offer your company two options… We can either Train your staff to market online, or we do the marketing online for your company: If we train your staff…

  • Your staff learns to draw targeted prospects from the Internet in, at least, 20 different ways.
  • We Train online writing skills, harnessing the VAST traffic of the blogging networks, forums, Article marketing & syndication networks, social book marking and social community sites
  • Create & aggressively maintain a Blogging and social community online networking presence reaching into the vast amount of traffic (still growing in this recession) found in those venues

  • Development and marketing of your own email lists
  • Learn to offer added value to YOUR clients online in dozens of differing strategies, expanding the MANY ways you can gain… and KEEP… clients.
  • You market your own newsletter online offering additional services, products and informative content as often as you wish –reaching potentially many thousands of perspective clients.
  • LEARN to find markets you either didn’t know existed or didn’t know HOW to access (until NOW!)

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If You Don’t Have a Website or Your Site is NOT Generating Customers… We use the “Builder” System making available to you these advantages…

  • Free Setup, includes up to 15 pages of transferred content
  • Comparatively Inexpensive and Quickly Set up (usually within a day or two)
  • 99% Network Uptime
  • Offers Hundreds of Powerful Website Options within the Management System (NOT a template)
  • Can be Managed by your Company personnel easily, if desired
  • Upgrade existing website to a user friendly system allowing speedy addition of content as message or trends continually change online
  • Best system on the Market for Professional Website Marketing

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