Major Media Confused about Internet Empowerment
( don't be surprised if you're having trouble understanding the Net for your home business!)

Here they were - the very newspapers who had reported the rise of the Internet in the news for a decade, confessing they did NOT understand how to market their businesses over the Net. There were literally hundreds of them represented for consultation with me
 (May, 2007).

Worse yet, they had to admit their lack of understanding because they were losing market share to online marketers (home business consultants like me, for instance). How could small businesses with their online marketers have outflanked such huge conglomerates?

Love 'em or hate 'em, newspaper owners and editors are some of the savviest business people in the world. But, even they didn't understand HOW to use the Net to advantage!

And they were losing - no, they LOST - market share to online marketers, competitors who had found the best practices for small business niche marketing over the Internet.