The Internet is NOT Intuitive. It is “Role Reversal.”
People Fail in the Internet because they don't appreciate the Internet as a New "Paradigm Shift"

What's a paradigm shift?     


Names and events like Columbus, Copernicus, Einstein, Pasteur, Newton, 9/11, the Moon Landing... changed our world...They changed the way we think and act in the world around us.

Lester Wonderman, the marketing genius for American Express™ and Columbia Records™ said...

The Internet is role reversal. In the past, companies sought out the consumer. Now, with the Internet, the customer is searching for you.

Do you know HOW to BE FOUND by customers?

The Internet is a paradigm shift in marketing. What that means is the Internet is a place for new skills and rich rewards. As an Internet Marketing Specialist, possessing those skills and "know-how", I can help your business "get found" online. What happens then is up to you. 

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