February 20th, 2019


Leveraging Influence: Low Cost Business Building

for "Building Income" on the Internet…*



Training for Small Business, Training for Second Income (Designed to be Primary Income when Needed)Training to Reach Out with Your Message to Public Training for Developing Your Own Business and Utilizing Online Leveraging. (Home Business, Entrepreneurs, Inventors, etc.). Training for Social Media and Community Site Effectiveness Online Internet Training for Developing Your Own Presence on the Web in a Cost Effective Manner as an Author, Artist or Professional/Expert in Your Chosen Field.

Selling to Family and Friends is NOT a Business
Here's the tragic pattern: People need income and look for a business of their own. Not knowing how to market their "new business," they try to "market" to friends and relatives (only).

They soon run out of "contacts", get discouraged and eventually spend less and less time until...  They discover an exciting "new product" and ...  ...repeat the pattern.

You Need a Regular and Predictable Flow of Business Clients

Usually, the problem is not the product or service. The problem is that family businesses/home businesses often do not know HOW to "market" themselves, i.e., "Let the world know what you are offering, and why they should purchase from you."

In this Program, we show you HOW gain a regular, predictable flow of customers via the Internet. No more “Blind” approaches to business building. You LEARN many ways from us about HOW to use the Net to bring customers to your business.

Start Building Now...

What approaches do you need to become recognized as an expert in your field? Can you get the kind of online recognition a business needs to gain clientele?

Let us show you HOW you can get clients who do not know your business exists... but find you online!



*Special Notice:


100% Guarantee: You do not need to know a thing about computers or online skills to train for Online Marketing Skill. You only need a computer and an Internet connection to begin. We will show you the rest. However, there is a 100% Guaranteed failure rate among all those who never try...


FACT: Online marketing has also brought competitive marketing within the grasp of virtually anyone and any business!  The Internet Marketing Specialist can show people and companies how to test, track, and market products and services online for any size business.

This applies to just about any kind of business or research project or person wanting to use the Internet to attract attention to goals, philosophy or services. It is designed for you to get your message out the door and into the hands of thousands of people.

Do you want to LEARN to use the Internet powerfully? This engineer did just that. Starting a business from home from (almost) nothing.


“It cost me next to nothing to start…”

It’s nice to see my website mutate from a mere “website” into a 24/7/ 365 “sales person”. In other words, I need less and less time to manage it since it is increasingly “selling on autopilot”, freeing me up to do what I love to do… engineer products and take orders!

And it cost me next to nothing to start it and build it up to where it is today.

So, I just wanted to take this opportunity to thank you for teaching me skills I never knew existed. To have Internet marketing skills with which to approach the Net is spectacular. I wouldn’t have had a chance attempting to just try it on my own.

This has given me a real “heads up” on the marketing power of the Internet…as well as the necessity of understanding the HOW TO’s of driving “qualified traffic” to any website.

Bob Gamble
Engineer, Inventor
Watertown, Wisconsin                     

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Newspaper Industry Came to Us: 
Fact: Major Media Confused about Internet Empowerment ...So don't be surprised if you're having trouble understanding the Net for your home business! 

The very newspapers who had reported the rise of the Internet in the news for a decade, confessed they did NOT understand how to market their businesses over the Net. There were literally hundreds of them represented for consultation with us.

Now you can LEARN the Internet even as they wanted to learn it … from us!

Read the deliberately designed instructive "testimonial" from a world class international retail marketer (and former student of ours). Find out what she believes YOU can get from this well taught Internet marketing Program for businesses of all sizes: This experienced international retail marketing professional took the Internet marketing training with us and here she tells you about her new found advantage in a business world that reaches out worldwide professionally!

International Retail Marketing Professional Applauds Program…

Genuine Paralysis in the Business World Understanding How the Internet is Used Commercially !

"As a Retail Marketing Professional (20 years) to many of the world’s largest corporations, I have repeatedly been surprised by one shocking fact: There seems to be a genuine paralysis in the corporate world to leverage the Internet. I have witnessed too often the artless failure to understand what constitutes “real world Internet marketing!”

Businesses Large, Small and Everything "in between" Remain Confused
"Many corporations - businesses large, small and everything in between - simply do not “get it.”  Too often I see expensive web sites positioned on the web for years (Note: years of lost opportunity) producing nothing but exasperation and frustration at the failure to generate a real flow of customer traffic -- affordably. I hear corporate personnel using the right “terms” – SEO, PPC, Keywording, social media marketing - but they remain confused that their customers can’t find their web presence unless they buy it!"

Top Corporate Management: "Why aren't we on Front Page Google!"

I sat in on top level marketing meetings in corporations, and have heard top management ask why they aren’t on the front page of Google despite their large budget. Then they send their marketing teams back to fruitlessly work with their expensive webmasters to try to improve their SEO without a game plan – spending thousands of additional dollars on paid search in the process.  Imagine if they understood then what I now understand!

It's NOT about Putting up Web Sites!

After going through the Leveraging Influence Internet training (and all conveniently by phone from my office with my computer in front of me), I now understand that best practice “digital marketing” is NOT simply about putting up a web site,  blog or social media presence. It is about acquiring a set of digital marketing skills with insights that can actually create customers, save you time, and increase sales significantly.

"You teach people so thoroughly ... almost anyone who wants to… can “get it”.

Wayne, your knowledge of economics and digital marketing is fantastic. Online direct response marketing is understood by relatively few in the business world. This Leveraging Influence training encompasses literally hundreds of techniques, tactics and skills of online marketing which so many businesses of all kinds, markets and sizes desperately need if they are going to compete in this economic environment…AND… you teach people so thoroughly and so well that almost anyone who wants to… can “get it”.

Want to Extend your Influence and Gain Customers?

Anyone needing to extend their influence online, gain customers, or reach people with their message should take this program…now. It is eye-opening.

Peggy Munnagle
Partner and Marketing Consultant at The ROIG Group, a boutique Retail Consultancy


The newspaper industry had to admit they did not really understand Internet marketing. AND... they were losing market share to online marketers (home business consultants/marketers like me, for instance). How could small businesses with their online marketers have outflanked such huge conglomerates?  How?

Experienced Businessman Speaks to the Necessity of “Marketing” as the Key to Success in Business!

For years I have had the pleasure of watching Wayne advise and help churches, church ministries, non-profit organizations, private schools and home schoolers as they built and expanded their callings, outreach and vision. In his own case, he was mentored by one of the world's leading free market economists, and his own brilliance is exceeded only by his vision and desire for "right" to prevail!

Thus he has always had a real desire to see churches, private schools, charity groups and home schoolers learn to use sound principles of economics and entrepreneurship, something which has been all too rare. Perhaps the day will come, as Wayne hopes, when home schoolers and private schools will seriously pursue entrepreneurial training, on a greater scale than today. Crucial to such success is the one issue most people learn the hard way…marketing.

John Selck, retired investment adviser and personal mentor
Former president, The Selck Group
Ramona, California

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Love 'em or hate 'em
, newspaper owners and editors are some of the savviest business people in the world. But, even they didn't understand HOW to use the Net to advantage!  But, they were losing - no, they LOST - market share to online marketers, competitors who had found the best practices for small business niche marketing over the Internet. That is the reason they came and consulted with us!

How can you – or someone you designate – TRAIN to LEARN HOW to find your business niches.
They didn’t understand HOW to use the Net. Imagine with all of their millions of dollars, they could not understand what this Legally blind individual learned ... and pulled himself out of the quagmire of financial stress, to build an online business of his own!


Legally Blind and Disabled… He Built a Business in Four Months to Five Figures a Month

Being blind is a real disadvantage no doubt. But, being disabled and homebound on top of that brought me to the point of real desperation. Fortunately, my friend Wayne Sedlak introduced me to the skills necessary for building a business online.

Taking one skill set at a time, avoiding scams, and being diligent with my new internet marketing business, I was able, in just a few months, to build my gross revenues to five figures a month thus far.

Think of it! From zero to five figures in just a few short months! What Wayne taught me was not only an online set of skills, but sound principles of economy, and good marketing principles. Thank you very much Wayne.

- Siricha Wiriya
 Wilmington, North Carolina