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Writing for Web Content Internet Marketing for Businesses
(B2C – Business to Customer)
Social Media Management
Writing for Web Content is one of most important services we make available. It is precisely the weakness of most who go to the Internet and attempt to market there. The vast majority of small businesses simply do not have the capability to provide, weekly, additional, non-duplicated (“original”) content that is both helpful/valuable to the consumer and “fresh” (not easily found, if at all, elsewhere. This includes SEO (Search Engine Optimization for gaining customers).

Such content varies: website content creation, social media, blogging, article writing, press releases, how to pieces, SEO, website page content writing, written descriptions accompanying other media such as video and audio marketing, authorship of booklets, pamphlets, email pieces, PDFs, books, manuals, music, (and many other authored works).
Internet Marketing for Businesses (B2C – Business to Customer) Put simply, we market your business on the Internet for you. Though worth it from the standpoint of gaining a regular, predictable stream of customers (most often within days), too many businesses have been burned with expensive “Internet Marketing” packages that got them no customers. It can have a bad reputation with some businesses.

We enjoy 100% success with our clients in this field.
Social Media Management oversees and provides for the consistent commercial production of social media content including but not limited to written- textual content, ads, graphics, video creation, audio pieces, podcasting, microblogging, and infographics (infographics refers to the art of turning graphics into illustrative materials such as charts, graphs, cartoonish and other instructive displays through pictured works).

Video and Audio Production for
Online Business Marketing
Training Your Team to
Effectively Market the Internet
Consulting for Making Your Business
a Success on the Internet
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Training YOU to Take Command
of Your Internet Marketing
Internet Advertising & Marketing Management Website Creation for Internet Marketing
Training YOU to Take Command of Your Internet Marketing: We have been training individuals for years to take command of their own destiny by learning to market online for their businesses. This saves them both money and time. It will add tremendous clout to their businesses if they are taught to take command of the multiple opportunities available to them. This is perhaps the most lucrative potential opportunity and cost-cutting opportunity available. Internet Advertising & Marketing Management: We oversee or become actual managers of advertising media for a business. For example, a Google Adwords Manager would be one that might have literally dozens of accounts under his supervision as clients provide the advertising budgets (and of course payment for his services). The same is true of such power advertising media as Twitter, Facebook ads, and many others Internet marketing services. Website Creation for Internet Marketing: At the heart of our work are the Content Management Systems (CMS), and in our case, the “Builders” (an easy to use website creation system that allows for the addition of content at a moment’s notice without expensive webmaster costs) to be provided by the owners of the successful Builder series with whom we have worked closely for years. This allows us to provide the Builders and (being familiar with the Builder System) we can apply the opportunities listed on this page and train you to “Build” your website as you need by adding pages about as easily as when you do word processing.