January 17th, 2019

Internet Training for Newbies, Small Businesses, Entrepreneurs

You or Someone in Your Organization Will Learn 30 Different Ways to Bring Targeted People
to Your Ministry, Business, or Message

What I am about to show you is a "secret" most people fail to "get". Why? Not because it's complicated, expensive, or a torture to implement… but simply because of ignorance. They don't understand.  It may be the most overlooked opportunity in history.

Many people are leaving money on the table…. Perhaps, 1000s of dollars in income each year.

But YOU don't have to.

Just a Few of the 30 Internet Marketing Skills You’ll Receive…

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You Don’t Need to Know Much More Than This
To Make a Decision to Join Us!

I know, it doesn't quite make sense when I say you're “leaving money on the table…. Perhaps, 1000s of dollars in income.”

“How can you be leaving money on the table by just driving to work every day? Or… attempting new business start-ups that never really … well… “START UP”?

Without a court and a judge, you can't. But "leaving money on the table” is still what it feels like when you suddenly grasp that there was an opportunity right in front of you… and others grabbed it… but you decided to do the one thing that GUARANTEES THE PRESENCE OF THAT SICK, FEARFUL FEELING, nagging at the insides of most people in this country… NOTHING.

Fear paralyzes them from acting. These are people …


  Who could be getting themselves out of financial worry in a few short months… if they started right NOW… (for some of my students, it was less than a few weeks!)

  Who don’t have to commit to quitting their job (Wouldn’t it be nice to do that safely?)

  Who could guarantee themselves a back up income…and “turn it on” once they REALLY DID face financial distress…

   Who DO NOT have to have a product or service of their own to sell…

   Who DO NOT have to have PRIOR experience in the Internet…

   Who DO NOT have to even be at the teleseminar to hear the lessons! (The calls are archived and you will have access to them 24/ 7 /365 to listen at your convenience, plus hundreds of other lessons and helps and … much more! Questions and answers are handled elsewhere.)

   And the small cost involved isn’t worth the worry. Even IF our company and I were the biggest con men in town, what’s involved by way of cost isn’t worth the worry. And there’s no “hidden costs”…or other strings attached.

So, what’s it worth to land a potential 4 to 5 figure income - OR MORE -  per month outlook on life?

It's thrilling.
And it’s infuriating. 

Here’s why. 

In 1850, Edwin L. Drake, a poor farmer from Northwest Pennsylvania, moved to work for his cousin who was prospecting for oil.

Drake bought the property from his cousin for eight hundred and thirty three dollars, which, even at that time, was a very low price.

On this stretch of land there was a river where the cows went to drink. Drake’s cousin noticed that his cows refused to drink from the river due to a blackish scum that floated on top. In order to get his cows to drink, he had to place a board across the river to channel the black scum off to the side. That made a clear path of water and the cows could then drink.

One particular morning, as he was going out to water the cattle, Drake noticed the board running across the river. Drake studied this black scum. He realized what it really was. As it turns out, this “black scum” was really black oil – the very thing his cousin worked so hard to find.

In other words, like so many of us… we think we know what we’re looking for… but often we miss what’s in front of us.

“Drake’s Well” (named later) was the first major oil rig in the United States. That lowly farm produced hundreds of millions of dollars in crude oil.

Drake’s cousin, the first owner of “Drake’s Well”, never found a large amount of oil in his entire lifetime. He died a poor man, though the property he once owned would have provided for him millions of dollars in oil every day. It was infuriating for him to know he had the opportunity of his life IN HAND… and never used it.

Instead, he had years of economic worrying, sleepless nights, hit and miss “business deals” … without using the gold mine right there under his feet.



A Few More of the 30 Internet Marketing Skills You’ll Receive…

You Don’t Need to Know Much More Than This
To Make a Decision to Join Us!

Are You “Sitting on a ‘Drake's Well’"?

If you're like most of my clients and students (before they took advantage of this Program), then you could very well be like this farmer… rising early, going to bed late, and worrying your way through every day.

So why continue to juggle too many bills, or manage a thousand and one details of daily life that solves nothing financially, but consumes valuable time and money? Most are probably like you - pushing yourself harder and harder…. and sitting on a virtual cornucopia and not even suspecting what’s there… if you would only just reach out and grab it!

What a shame to take constant “sucker punches” by this recession economy, all the while not knowing you could easily increase your home’s net worth just by tweaking a few things here or there and throwing the switch?

If you so desire, you can unlock these profits and experience more rewards for the efforts you are investing in your business.


Know at all times what to focus on and which next step will get maximum results from your list


The one thing you should you MUST do if you want to develop your own business!


Enables you to virtually cut your time commitments (in your work) by as much as half (some do much more – I know individuals who spend only 1 or 2 hours a day working on a successful online business!)

This is the approach that separates the men from the boys in online world. We’ve been at this for years and even attracted the attention of many of the owners in the newspaper industry who contacted us for our expertise about why they were LOSING market share to Internet marketers (like us!).

Inexpensive Internet Marketing Training  + My Leveraging Influence System = 24 /7/ 365 Automated, Personalized Relationships with Paying Customers Interested in What You Might Offer

I can hear you thinking now, "Yeah, but how I know where my customers will be coming from?” Can this really work?”

Yes it works. Is why we offer a moneyback guarantee. But that's for later.

    We will teach you how to find people on the Internet who are looking for what you have to offer... If they exist.

    We will teach you how to convert website pages into 24/ 7/365 Sales Reps, each page performing your specific “Call to Action.”

Think of it. You will know how to create page after page, each of which can be converted into your own “Sales Representative ”. In other words, you will learn how to have your own automated system working FOR YOU 24 hours a day, seven days a week and even when you're on vacation!

That's got a program were successful in implementing.

And we want to train you to do it SUCCESSFULLY... and all without a burdensome cost to your wall.

You also learn how to move in and out of different markets online. You will learn to take advantage of what is called “Multiple Streams of Income” all operating at the same time! You can be like one of our clients who took advantage of this Program and generated multiple streams of clients for one website.

So, now what does he have?  Not one profit center but eleven.

What just happened to his revenues and income by knowing just this one fact?

Now, here's the kicker: To do This, you don’t even need to create a new product. That’s right. In the online world, there are literally millions of good products and services waiting for someone to sell them

It’s called affiliate sales. And we teach you HOW to find ‘em and get paid for selling someone else’s products or services. Of course, you can sell or service anything (legal) … and use the same methods to market them online.

It’s your choice.

DID YOU SEE THAT? You NOW have a CHOICE about what works and HOW to go about finding it… and making it work online! And it's not like picking straws. It is a REAL choice!

Most every product or service out there has a few key benefits that it can offer. But most of us only focus on 1 or 2 of them, assuming that we are motivating our "target audience".

But what if you saw the needs of another "target audience" and could change the focus of existing products and services to make those people happy too? If you did that, you'd jack up your revenues, with very little effort on your part.

Obviously, that’s one reason we teach you 30 DIFFERENT methods of marketing online. You will find one that works well for a certain product … but not for that one. You can switch as you need to take advantage of people where they are in life.

That is precisely what the Internet is all about.

But, that is just one aspect of my system.  With this system Training Program you will also discover how to

    Empowers you to develop such a powerful relationship that you earn the right to interrupt people… at will
    Maximize your up-selling and cross-selling opportunities, without "guessing" or risking cash flow to offer new products and services lInstantly know when a new idea is viable and how many people would likely be willing to buy it
    Set price points and know which segment of your clientele will likely buy a $10 product… and which would prefer to pay you $5,000.  There is a tiny percentage of people -  whom you would contact - who are willing to spend $5,000 even though most people are only willing to spend $50.  20-30% of your accessible profit is in that handful of people. They are out there. We show you how to find them.)
    Identify core buying emotions, topics of interest, and the persuasive language of your different target customers
    Enjoy the benefits of a system that allows people to automatically group themselves by similar interests and needs, as you find them through the research tools we train you to use.
    Establish a totally intuitive, automated cash-flow engine that works tirelessly on your behalf, regardless of your location or what you are doing
    Learn to write in fascinating, persuasive, “cadenced” character that entices and inspires customer loyalty
    Use word magic to enchant the communities you target, and keep those people coming back for years and years to come, while building strong relationships with them… automatically… 24/7/365
    Discovery my personal favorite technique that amplifies the response to website email, and article headlines
    Learn to us three simple methods that boost the persuasiveness of your website text… and the size of your wallet.
    Get instant traffic to your website in literally minutes, with absolute minimal effort
    The full 10-page downloadable PDF Special Report
    An easy-to-read short supplement, "Frequently Asked Questions - Answers to Help You Get Started Quickly"

And a few More of the 30 Internet Marketing Skills You’ll Receive…

You Don’t Need to Know Much More Than This
To Make a Decision to Join Us!


Your Voice Needs to be Heard Above the Din.This Course Will Give You That Voice. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: I don't have a product or service to offer yet.  How can this program be valuable to me?

A: The best students are ones that don't have a product or service to offer. Why? Because they have no overhead or inventory to worry about. In addition, one of the most important single issues you can learn in the development of any business is whether or not there is a market for what you have the offer.

Look at this way:

Which is better -- you invest heavily in a product and then find out there is not much of a market that really wants it in this recession -- OR -- you find markets that are thirsty for particular product or service AND THEN you find the product or service to offer them. In other words, you are STARTING with a pool of known customers AND then you invest in the kind of product or service you know they already want to buy.

Q: What if I have no Internet experience?

A: That's great! That means we don't have any bad habits – “Internet-developed bad habits” -- in you to undo!

Q: What if I can't make all of the 12 core training lessons?

A: Not to worry. We make sure that the lessons are archived and you can retrieve them any time you want and as many times as you wish at your convenience

Q: What do you mean that there are 30 different methods of marketing you teach?

A: We mean that you will learn how to use the Internet in 30 different marketing methods to bring customers arranged in what you have to offer to your website, your blog, your article, and/or your community site pages. This allows you greater versatility because quite frankly, not every method works for every kind of product, service, or customer. So you learn to develop methods as you adapt to pools of customers.

Q: What else can I do with this training program besides make money?

A: this training program can be used for social issues, political issues, Ministry... In short, any message you might have share with others, this training program will show you HOW to get that message out over the Internet.

Q: What if I have a book I've authored, or a newsletter or other authored work?
A: Go for it. We will show you how to become recognized as an expert throughout the Internet in your field... However, we can show you how your name or authored work can become recognized and known to thousands, perhaps millions of people... But you're the one that has to BE the expert. We can't do that for you.

Q: Where do you find customers?

A: That is precisely what we teach you. You will learn to find pools of people in your niche who are looking for what you have to offer -- OR -- you will find out if there is a market for what you might wish to offer BUT before you invest in that product or service.

Q: What is the most important single question in any business?

A: It might seem obvious to say this, but it's shocking how many businesses go into business, invest heavily in products, and then find out there are very few customers interested in what they're offering. Failure to be able to find customers is the single greatest failure of every business.

Q: What if I don't have a website?

A: That's great! Do NOT go out and buy one. I repeat, do NOT go out and buy one. This is one of the greatest mistakes made by business people. They invest in a website and it produces nothing... Or very little. But they continue to “try to make it work” because they've invested in it. That only increases their costs... and their discouragement.

First learn from us what you need to know about website. Then will show you how to get your own for a fraction of the cost… if you even need one! We will show you ways around the need for any expensive websites. Incidentally, our company is not in the website business. By the time you learn this program, anything you put up on the Internet you should be able to monetize effectively enough so that it pays for itself.

Q: How long do I have two think about joining in on this program?

A: You have the rest of your life if you want... to think about it. But you don't have a long time to act on this offer. Unfortunately, we have just so many slots to fill in the training program. After that, the class closes. There's just so many we can accommodate in any single training program, and they fill up fast.

So, if you're like many people... You can think about the program as long as you wish... Just like Drake's cousin did. And he died impoverished, looking for a “gold mine”all his life not knowing he was sitting on one while looking elsewhere. He did plenty of thinking... but none of it was effective.


... Click Here if you're serious about gaining the means for learning a successful business. But first, you might want to check out the people below who gone before you were only too happy to give us their personal insights into our program. NONE of these people have ever been on our payroll nor do they gain any financial advantage for the things they've said below. Their insights were simply their way of saying “Thank you” for what they learned.
Nothing Beats Success!

    A Recording of the Call that was the basis for "Invisible Streams: Segmenting Your List for Greater Profits" in MP3.
    This is one of the least expensive Programs  I have ever introduced. Why am I selling this so inexpensively - especially when this material has so much power to effect your business?

    Three reasons:
    1. I believe that if you buy this product and implement it, you really will get a powerful business boost, and if you do, you'll be a customer of ours for life. It's an investment in our relationship.
    2. I am frankly offended at the lack of skill of people who claim to be “Internet marketers.” But I realize the reason is they've rarely seen it done properly. It's time someone showed them. This Program will show you how to do the Net correctly.
    3.  Also… when the economy jackknifed in October 2008, the level of desperation on the Internet shot up drastically. The quality of content online has dropped as tens of thousands of brand new people swarm onto the Internet in droves, seeking fast fortunes (and trying to save their homes from foreclosure). This makes our Program that much better. Poor competition leaves you with a great opportunity… that Gold you’re now sitting on can take advantage of the poor quality offerings and marketing of others.
  • There are many things you can focus in on right now with your marketing and business development…
    thousands of things in fact. But not all of them are created equal. In fact, the so-called 80/20 Rule tells us that the majority of your impact will come from 1% of what you are considering.
    In terms of solid ROI and bang for your buck, I really believe that doing this Program and following its proven steps which I'm about to show you when you sign up, is one of the fastest, most productive things you can do.

    That is, if you do it right.

    This Program will show you exactly how to do it right.

    I'll make you an audacious promise…
    1. If you purchase this Program and you can demonstrate you did as you were taught to do in the online world… and you don’t get people to the website you develop, I 'll give you a refund. (This is a 120 day promise. We are so confident that we will show you all about the Analytics program which you will use to show any customer visits to your website that you may generate, and from what source they came to visit your website). Were not worried. You will learn within the first several lessons how to generate customers to your website. However, we’re interested in serious people. If you purchase this program and you decide not to use it… that’s on you. We want people who will be successful and tell others! So, go for it and don’t waste your time (or ours).
    2. After using this Program, I promise you will never look at the Internet the same way again. You will have a new picture in your mind, one that enables you to see exactly where the profit and leverage is.
    3. I promise that everything in this Program will be crystal clear, easy to follow, and instantly applicable to your business… if it isn’t, you will have the opportunity to go over as many times from different lessons archived IN ADDITION to the Core Training. If you still don’t understand, one of our team (usually me) will go over it with you personally.