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April 2017

April 27th, 2017

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We can show companies how to test, track, and market products and services online. This applies to just about any kind of entity or person that wants to use the Internet to attract attention to goals, outreach or services. 

A&D Net Enterprises, Ltd.: Professional... Experts in the Field of Internet and Mobile Marketing

A&D Net Enterprises, Ltd. decided to get into this field early in the Internet marketing revolution which began not too many years ago (Commercially, the Internet is really only just over 20 years old). Our strategies capitalize on the strategic marketing concepts made famous by internationally renowned marketer Jay Abraham. Additionally, our company includes staff who had the privilege of learning under one of the keenest minds in all of business/marketing history. 

If you are interested calling upon us to train your staff  "on site"  - give us a call.  We also do Internet and Mobile marketing for businesses.

                        262-675-0669   or use the contact form below.

A and D Net Enterprises, Ltd... Pioneering in the "New Rules of Mobile Marketing".


Mobile marketing brings marketing  within the grasp of virtually anyone who is diligent and has a capacity for hard work.  The opportunities are many.  Along with the sale of Mobile Apps, Teaching the principles that enable  small business people to market over the Internet effectively is precisely what we do.  

A and D Net Enterprises, Ltd. has grown as the Internet has grown. Reaching many markets through our clients has been a proud achievement for years, and the need has never been greater! Today, more than ever, our services are in demand as businesses realize markets can "slip out from under them", going to competition that uses the Net.

The Internet is NOT obvious, from a marketing standpoint. Indeed, in the words of a master offline marketer, " ... the Internet represents 'role reversal' (compared to conventional marketing)".

We are distinguished from our competition in many ways. We specialize in teaching our clientele so that they can control all online marketing operations, strategies, costs and sales. We specialize in teaching the principles which can accomplish the following:

We know the new trends in the Net. The  "New Rules of Internet Marketing" have changed the way businesses do business on the Net. Those rules grew up out of the grassroots of the Internet culture ... and we have been teaching them for years... Long before they were "recognized" as "New".

We train individuals for "Name recognition" who wish to be known for their expertise, message or service locally, regionally, and nationally. 

Small business Internet marketing practices designed to achieve success online. 

We teach the necessary principles for writing good content (copy) for the Internet. 

 "Training your Website" now your "Mobile App"to become a 24/7/365 Sales Representative. (Reference page description.)

Utilizing over 40 major methods of getting people to a business website and app.

Training individuals within a small business setting to do the marketing for their business.

Teleseminar training (offered occasionally ) in group discounted programs, enabling     individuals to train in their own home or business setting. 

Ongoing support after training is a special opportunity we use to teach our students more as they work in the online world.

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