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Dr. Robert A Morey is internationally respected as one of the best apologists, educators, theologians, and defenders of the faith in the 21st century. His ministry has been recommended over the years by some of the best-known Christian leaders of our generation: Dr. John Ankerberg, Dr. Gleason Archer, Dr. Francis Schaeffer, Dr. Cornelius Van Til, Dr. D. James Kennedy, Dr. Stephen Olford
“We spent the last four years and $50,000 in a “Christian University” to create an unbelieving son!”

From the Desk of Dr. Robert A. Morey:

Dear Christian Parent,

The pain of a broken heart conveys what might take whole volumes to describe otherwise. Let me share with you the reason I wrote a very special book for you, your son and her daughter – especially those graduated or soon to be graduated from high school.

Please take a few moments to read what I’ve written below.

The grief of a heart-broken father…

Just recently, I received a letter from a father of nine children. All of his children were raised in the Christian faith. All are productive hard-working adults now, several have families of their own. But, the “next-to-the-last” in age, a son, has just received his Diploma from a Christian University. This father just learned that the son no longer attends church and has little respect for the Christian faith.

As a father, he thought his son had successfully negotiated the unbelieving shoals of high school culture. But, he now realizes that high school was but “dress rehearsal” for the real onslaught of the mental, moral and spiritual contamination of the University.

The University came highly recommended as a Christian community…

That “Christian University” came highly recommended by Christian people who believed the “testimonies” of some of the students and personnel there. But, shockingly, the school unleashed upon his son teachings so contrary to his upbringing, that the young man has all but abandoned the faith he learned at home.

However, unlike the high school programs at home, college and university education is dominated by Ph.D professors, and these professionals are highly skilled in the art of presenting secularist philosophy, science, psychology, sociology, history, English/literature and (pre)medical … in fact, all disciplines at the University level.

As the famous apologist and defender of the faith Dr. Josh McDowell once remarked…

More than ever Christians need to be prepared to defend their faith, finding their beliefs challenged on all sides from doubts cast in the integrity of the Bible’s accuracy to even the very existence of Jesus Christ himself!

The real threat in college and university education…

To receive federal funding, the University must (by law) hire professors who are recognized in their fields, like the sciences for example. Consequently, atheistic science is taught (evolution). Psychology courses must conform to secular standards. Of course, such courses come with professionals (professors) who have no qualms of conscience teaching impressionable students secularized morality and “world views” (the way people look at the important questions of life and death) from humanistic, nonspiritual and profane viewpoints.

For students enrolled in “scientific sociology”…

It can no longer be maintained nowadays that there is one, single morality which is valid for all men at all times in all places… The purpose of morality practiced by a people is to enable it to live; hence morality changes with societies. There is not just one reality, but several, and as many as there are social types. And as our societies change, so will our morality. - Emile Durkheim (1858 – 1917), prominent author and primary figure in the development of modern “scientific” sociology

Then there’s the pre-med student’s training in the worldview of his preferred future field…

The position of the modern evolutionist is that… morality is a biological adaptation no less than our hands and feet and teeth. Considered as a rationally justifiable set of claims about an objective something, ethics is illusory. I appreciate that when somebody says ‘Love thy neighbor as thyself,’ they think they are referencing above and beyond themselves. Nevertheless, such reference is truly without foundation. Morality is just an aid to survival and reproduction… and any deeper meaning is illusory. – Michael Ruse, “Evolutionary Theory and Christian Ethics,” in The Darwinian Paradigm published in London 1989 page 262 – 269

And then there’s the ever-disarming literature class…

The existentialist, on the contrary, thinks it is very distressing that God does not exist, because all possibility of finding values in a heaven of ideas disappears along with Him; there can no longer be an a priori Good, since there are is no infinite and perfect consciousness to think it. Nowhere is it written that Good exists, that we must be honest, that we must not lie; because the fact is that we are on a plane where there are only men. Dostoyevsky said, “If God didn’t exist, everything would be possible.” That is the very starting point of existentialism. Indeed, everything is permissible if God does not exist, and as a result man is forlorn, because neither within him nor without does he find anything to cling to. He can’t start making excuses for himself. – Jean Paul Sartre, “Existentialism” in Existentialism and Human Emotions, New York: Central, 1957, page 23.

Is your graduating son or daughter “in great moral, intellectual and spiritual danger”?

The sad truth is … “yes”. As witnessed above, the grief-stricken father lost his son at a Christian University. The name of the University is not as important as the fact that colleges and universities are, for the most part, already a subverted instrument for the production of unbelief in your loved and carefully raised son and daughter!

But now they’re graduating or have already graduated. No doubt there to be congratulated for having achieved such a distinction in life. But the dangers – the dangers from educational and professional training in all parts of the country and at all levels of schooling – are intensely dangerous to the soul, morality and thought, of any individual.

Perhaps a few educators in the field might convince you of the dangers your treasured son or daughter will face:

A Christian Students Survival Guide, How to Defend Your Faith on Campus by Dr. Morey is the only book ever written for college and high school students that address a wide range of topics such as Creation Ex Nihilo, a Biblical Philosophy of Science, Evangelical Appraisal of Aristotle, Natural Theology, Apologetics, Cults, World religions, etc. from a sound, intellectual and Biblical viewpoint – not from a secular humanist viewpoint that so many so-called 21st century Evangelical Christian apologists that visit college campuses have adopted.

This is why many of these Christian/humanist apologists visiting college campuses such as Princeton University lose the debate or argument when defending the Faith. This is not the case of Dr. Morey’s book – it will defeat even the most difficult intellectual arguments against the Bible with great clarity and bring glory to our Lord and Savior…” - Didymus, President, New Jersey Institute for the Advancement of Truth (NJIAT)

“One of the best books you have written.” – Dr. George Hutchinson, Princeton University, D. Phil. Oxford University

“This is the best Student Guide that upholds Biblical Christianity. I wish I had it when a student at Princeton University. Invaluable.” – Suthy MacLean, Missionary to Russia and the Ukraine

It’s not just about a student “losing his or her faith”… There’s more… much, much more to consider!

The most powerful ways in which students can GROW in faith is by learning how to PRESENT that faith effectively to others. Imagine the student – unequipped to handle the challenges thrown at them by the professionals at the college university… or even his peers, as they mock Faith in Jesus Christ. Imagine how such students recoil, often humiliated, teased, and grown bitter at the sudden onslaught of temptations and feelings of bitterness at the perception that the Christian Faith is false… a Lie.

You might be tempted is apparent to believe it cannot happen to your son or daughter. But the sad truth is thousands of Christian students across the country chiding, those inescapable provocations of professors in classrooms who hold a student in the crosshairs of their challenge, as they hold them in mockery on one hand and subtly threaten them with their grade in the other hand!

But what if… What IF… WHAT IF your son or daughter were thoroughly equipped to handle Difficult truths in a biblical manner so as to COMPEL the admiration of their peers and professors alike! What if the respect, created by a wise and discerning answer, was so admired and even honored that it made it difficult, if not impossible for others to successfully withstand the charitable, yet SKILLED and deep penetration of well-placed questions by YOUR son… Masterful answers as provided by your daughter!

In short… what if your student was well equipped by truths that created such STATURE in your son and daughter, making the college and university experience memorable for the powerful testimony presented successfully by Christian students in defense of their faith in Jesus Christ!

I would like that to be YOUR son… YOUR daughter. And that’s why I wrote A Christian Students Survival Guide.

“It is a genuine privilege for me to recommend Dr. Robert A. Morey is a competent Biblical scholar in the field of apologetics, Bible teaching and evangelism. I have known Dr. Morey for over 30 years and it is been a delight to me to see his developing a fantastic grasp of Biblical truth, and his unique ability to translate that exalted truth of God’s Word into down to earth, meaningful and methodical ways his audiences can make use of it.” – Dr. Herbert Ehrenstein, Editor of Eternity Magazine

The Cost of Discernment

One of the most important abilities a student must have as he attends college or university is DISCERNMENT. Discernment is the ability to distinguish, discriminate and judge between what is true and what is not true, what is good and what is evil.

It is so tragic. Today on college and university campuses – including those that bear the name of “Christian” – it takes discernment and courage to even testify to the fact that there is such a thing as “Truth” which is Absolute, Rocklike and Inspired.

In the Scriptures, discernment is referred to in such places Genesis 31:32, we are told to discern the difference between what belongs to us what belongs to others. We are also to discern the good from evil (II Samuel 14:17; 19:35; I Kings 3:9; Hebrews 5:14), Justice from injustice (I Kings 3:11), the holy from the profane, the clean from the unclean (Ezekiel 44:23), the righteous from the wicked (Malachi 3:18) and those who serve God and those who do not serve God (Malachi 3:18).

Discernment also means understanding the times in which we live. This was the praise accorded to the men of Issachar “who understood the times and knew what Israel should do” (I Chronicles 12:32). Discernment is the opposite of “gullibility.” Gullibility is the naïve and childish acceptance of whatever the professor or textbook teaches. It is the foolish assumption that if something were not true it would not be printed in a book. Or, if the were not true, the professor would not teach it.

“I have known Dr. Robert Morey for a number of years and welcome this opportunity to recommend him to you. Dr. Morey is a man with an excellent understanding of the historic Christian faith in a particular skill as a defender of the Faith. I hardly recommend him to you.” – Dr. John Ankerberg, The Ankerberg TV Show

The Call to Discernment

dear parent… Some students lose their faith while at a Christian college because their professors teach them a humanisRobert Morey: A Christian Students Survival Guide, How to Defend Your Faith on Campustic worldview draped in biblical language and often “dripping” with emotional pleadings that easily take the heart captive to positions foreign to the Word of the Lord. Having spoken at many Christian colleges, it is obvious that much of what is called “Christian” education is nothing more than secular humanism sprinkled with a few religious terms.

Just because the professor begins his class with a prayer – though most often in the college and university that NEVER happens – such does not automatically mean that is going to teach the Christian world and life view. A student must be discerning regardless of what college he attends.

The Apostle Paul repeatedly warned us not to let people deceive us (I Corinthians 6:9 – 11; Galatians 5:19 – 21). If they are unbelievers, we must discern them so. To “accept them” as many professors would teach, would too often mean to accept their deepest emotional ties and skewed positions. They claim to be Christians but disobey God’s holy Word, John tells us to know them to be “deceivers”… however “nice” they may appear to be!