January 17th, 2019

Leveraging Influence: The One Stop Shop for Getting Customers Online!



There was this guy who jumped from the top of a 40 story building. As he passed each floor people heard him say...
"So far, so good... So far, so good..."

Too many businesses plod through this tough economic environment saying the same thing: "So far, so good... So far, so good." In other words, they continue to "just make it" until some competitor discovers the Internet!

No business can afford to have its own message ignored in the same market "stream" of clients its competitors leverage successfully. The most powerful tool ever invented for direct access to individuals is the Internet!

But, studies show that the vast majority of business owners do NOT understand HOW the Internet could reach pools of their targeted clients...

The Internet is a revolution that leverages "direct access" to BOTH vast crowds and the narrow "niches". The 'Net provides broad access to "the crowds", no doubt. But the REAL revolution is its capacity to leverage your presence to find underserved niche markets... thousands of them!

The Internet is NOT intuitive... Success on the 'Net is the result of different kinds of "rules", tactics and strategies than what works offline. The 'Net guarantees to the few who know HOW to use it effectively... a much better "landing".
We were that company.

Our answers helped them to understand the Internet... BUT we will show you HOW to apply those same powerful skills.

Less than 2% of the businesses use video marketing and audio marketing much less the inexpensive, yet powerfull Internet Radio opportunities.

Almost NO ONE takes advantage of linking strategies (as opposed to linking that happens more "randomly"). Linking is called "web currency". Few know HOW to do it!

Without quality links from other sources, your website will not be "found". For most websites, linking from others is not a strategy...It is random and unsystematic. How's your linking strategy?
Website content is all too often nothing more than guesswork... No analytics, no surveying and no testing of content, headlines, visuals, products and services.

Are you guessing what people will respond to on your website? Or... do you KNOW for certain what they will respond to on your website? You CAN know for sure!
Expensive "5-figure" "Internet Marketing" Business "Packages" that fail to bring customers.

Several communications companies have special programs - commanding as much as 40 thousand dollars for "Internet Marketing". Do you know what their "success rate" really is?

Local Manufacturing Business Competes Successfully in Many of the Most Competitive Markets with Our Program

We compete with some of the most powerful companies in the world. Our customers are found in manufacturing companies of all sizes and industries – ranging from medical fields (including orthodontics, orthopedics, catheters, and surgical instruments) to automotive parts and engines, motorcycles, snowmobiles, pattern and mold makers, the plastics industry, recreational and consumer products industries.

Despite the wide range of competitive markets, we can compete across the board in all of these industries, and have successfully done so since our staff was trained by Wayne Sedlak.

We are consistently found on front page Google™ and have stayed there month after month. In fact, we haven’t had to touch our latest group of ads there for over 5 months – we just keep getting a steady stream of customers all the time.

It’s great to be able to control our costs, put the marketing on autopilot and do what we do best… service our clients!

We really do recommend Wayne’s training for business growth, competitive positioning of online products and services. We are constantly increasing market share through our Internet marketing program.” 
Tim Winters
Partner, T. J. Grinding
Waukesha, Wisconsin
Non-existent Social Media marketing on Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, and many other platforms.

Do you have a Social media marketing strategy? Do you know HOW to take your social media strategy into the Net to FIND thousands of niche market opportunities?
"Search Engine Optimization" techniques
that are ineffective because they represent the "Old Rules" of the Internet...

"SEO" approaches "vary". Most webmasters are not marketers so their "SEO" approaches will not be effective. After all, SEO are "marketing" practices...not webmastering techniques!

Few know HOW to use the one service that allows a business to access 50 million people for about 10 bucks in less than 24 hours!

Do you know HOW to gain access to 50 million people, for about $10 dollars, in less than 24 hours?

International Retail Marketing Professional Applauds Program…
As a Retail Marketing Professional (20 years) to many of the world’s largest corporations, I have repeatedly been surprised by one shocking fact: There seems to be a genuine paralysis in the corporate world to leverage the Internet. I have witnessed too often the artless failure to understand what constitutes “real world Internet marketing!” 

Many corporations - businesses large, small and everything in between - simply do not “get it.”  Too often I see expensive web sites positioned on the web for years (Note: years of lost opportunity) producing nothing but exasperation and frustration at the failure to generate a real flow of customer traffic -- affordably. I hear corporate personnel using the right “terms” – SEO, PPC, Keywording, social media marketing - but they remain confused that their customers can’t find their web presence unless they buy it!

I sat in on top level marketing meetings in corporations, and have heard top management ask why they aren’t on the front page of Google despite their large budget. Then they send their marketing teams back to fruitlessly work with their expensive webmasters to try to improve their SEO without a game plan – spending thousands of additional dollars on paid search in the process.  Imagine if they understood then what I now understand!

After going through the Leveraging Influence Internet training (and all conveniently by phone from my office with my computer in front of me), I now understand that best practice “digital marketing” is NOT simply about putting up a web site,  blog or social media presence. It is about acquiring a set of digital marketing skills with insights that can actually create customers, save you time, and increase sales significantly.

Wayne, your knowledge of economics and digital marketing is fantastic. Online direct response marketing is understood by relatively few in the business world. This Leveraging Influence training encompasses literally hundreds of techniques, tactics and skills of online marketing which so many businesses of all kinds, markets and sizes desperately need if they are going to compete in this economic environment…AND… you teach people so thoroughly and so well that almost anyone who wants to… can “get it”. 

Anyone needing to extend their influence online, gain customers, or reach people with their message should take this program…now. It is eye-opening.

Peggy Munnagle
Partner and Marketing Consultant at The ROIG Group, a boutique Retail Consultancy

Never Before in the History of Advertising Has it Been Possible to Spend 10 Bucks, Write a Couple of Targeted Ads, and Get Instant Access to Over 100 Million People in Less Than a Few Minutes…
(We will teach you "How")

There's MORE!  The Economy needs rescuing... and you need the capacity to thrive in tough business times ... 

People with businesses and those who want to build a backup business... can do so with this rapid...effective... training! The economy needs fresh business sense and skill!

Businesses are uncertain HOW to reach new customers. Old methods of marketing are failing! Now they... and You... can learn QUICKLY to use the Internet effectively! Build a "Lifeboat" business for your family. Teach others to do the same (profitably!).  

  This is a PROVEN program about getting your message "out there" SOON (within days of the BEGINNING of your training!)
There is NO prior experience needed! LEARN HOW TO BUILD A NETWORK OF CONTACTS, CUSTOMERS, INFLUENCERS... IN THE CONVENIENCE OF YOUR OWN HOME OR BUSINESS OFFICE!  We've been showing businesses ... and individuals just starting... HOW to do just that for many years.
  In a short amount of time...We will teach you 15 different methods for getting people to a website, blog, Facebook page or other online presence! You will be taught HOW TO GET PEOPLE WHO DO NOT KNOW YOU... TO FIND YOUR MESSAGE...FIND YOUR AUDIO... FIND YOUR VIDEO... ONLINE!

What If You Want Your Marketing Done for You?

Some Businesses just want us to do their marketing for them ... OR... They want us to train their personnel in a one-on-one special training arrangement.

We certainly can do either of those options... We have done that many times. If you would prefer either option... then call us: 1. 262. 391.5722


Learn HOW to get on Front Page GoogleTM in hundreds of places regularly... and stay there! Learn HOW to use GoogleTM, FacebookTM ads, Bing and other search engine ads and placements. Learn the keys to "going viral".  Learn how to use articles online (become a syndicated or recognized online expert writer...like those who trained with us!)Learn social media, video and audio markeing...and much more!

Training on live conference calls - You learn in the comfort of your home or office. Immediate family members can 'listen in" on your line too! (Sorry, capacity is filling up... Your line is the only way for your family to participate.)

Besides the Training, you also have access to many more lessons online...access them 24/7 at your convenience! (Value priced more than the low cost of  this program!)  Opportunities to network with others if you choose (no obligation whatsoever)

Train for Online Mastery Research... OMR is a mastery course in itself, helping you to use the Net to get ahead of your competition!

Specific recommendations for keyword tools, online shopping carts, email broadcast services, testing and tracking

If you choose, we can help you in getting up and started in your own business (if you don't have one).

Learn how to consistently pay less for your targeted traffic (including GoogleTM) than everyone else – while getting more potential customers to your site

There is NO PROGRAM like this one... or at this "today only" low discounted price! This program - when used with larger corporations  sold for thousands of dollars. Your low price... is a bare fraction of that!

Sign up for Free our Teleseminar and Learn More About the Program That Introduces You to a Radical Prescription for Change

You don't have to decide now.

  Cut your time commitments, cut your laboring and expense with the skills we teach. Learn fast... You can even sponsor someone in your organization to learn for your business, church, network, association, blog... Give someone the opportunity to help YOU and themselves ... even to  help their country in these trying times!
You will understand HOW to Use the Internet to attract people to your web presence... often for mere pennies... and just as often with no expenditure of money... and ALWAYS with the potential to add value and profitability to your online experience.
  You can stop fretting at night about job security, since you will now understand what kind of online marketing can REACH OUT to attract new customers locally, regionally, nationally or internationally! Think of it... a constant flow of targeted "traffic" which you will know HOW to get ... when you  want it... when you need it... and when you can profit by it as well!